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Used Auto Loans

Secure a competitive used auto loan rate for your next new-to-you ride.

Used cars can be a very good deal, especially when you can obtain a car loan with a great rate from RRCU. Competitive rates and flexible terms make buying your next car a breeze. We even offer financing on other used vehicles such as RVs, motorcycles, and boats.

Let us customize a loan to fit your needs with features such as:

  • Great interest rates
  • Fast approval times
  • Flexible terms
  • Convenient eSign service (some restrictions apply)

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Used Auto Loan Calculator

Finding a loan that fits your budget and keeps your overall costs down is easy to do. Our used auto loan calculator allows you to manipulate the loan terms and borrowing amounts to see just how affordable buying a car can be right now.

Use this calculator to help you determine your monthly car loan payment or your car purchase price. After you have entered your current information, use the graph options to see how different loan terms or down payments can impact your monthly payment. You can also examine your complete amortization schedule by clicking on the "View Report" button.



Used Auto Loan Rates

Red River Credit Union works to keep interest rates as low as possible for our members. With a lower rate comes more affordable monthly payments and less spent overall on your used vehicle purchase. The rates for January 2020 are below:

Loan Type


APR As Low As**

New 2022

up to 84 months

5.89 %


up to 84 months

5.89 %


up to 72 months

6.39 %


up to 72 months

6.39 %


up to 72 months

6.39 %


up to 48 months

6.89 %

2016 & Older

up to 36 months

7.39 %


Rates effective date: 12/07/2022

*Terms may be extended on Auto Loans to 84 months at 60 month rate with approved credit and loan amount - Purchase or refinance from other institution only on a 2017 year model or newer - $17,000 minimum.

**APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rate and term based on credit score and year model (auto). Rate subject to change without notice. With Approved Credit.

Loan terms depend on credit qualification and year model. Ask a loan specialist to create a custom loan offer for you.

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Used Auto Loan Resources

RRCU provides outstanding service through education and dedication to keeping our members informed about their options. Check out a few resources available to you.

Used Auto Loan Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy any car with a used auto loan?

A variety of factors play a role in the type of loans we offer on used cars. The value of the car must be at least as high as the loan you’re requesting. We also need to consider the age of the car to determine available loan terms. Most used cars will qualify for an auto loan.

Can I get a used car loan for a car I’m buying from a friend?

Like with any used auto loan, verifying the value of the vehicle is important. Our loan specialists will work closely with you to ensure we determine this in a fair manner.

Qualify Today For A Used Auto Loan

It takes only a few minutes to apply for a used auto loan from RRCU.

Our team is here to answer your questions and offer fast approvals. Work closely with our loan specialists to find out if you qualify and just how affordable your monthly payments can be.

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