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LegalShield & IDShield
More than peace of mind

Have you ever Have you ever

- Needed your Will prepared or updated?
- Signed a contract?
- Received a moving traffic violation?
- Worried about being a victim of identity theft?
- Been concerned about your child’s identity?
- Lost your wallet?
 The LegalShield Membership Includes:  The IDShield Membership Includes:
  • Dedicated Law Firm Direct access, no call center

  • Legal Advice/Consultation on unlimited personal issues

  • Letters/Calls made on your behalf

  • Contracts/Documents Reviewed up to 15 pages each

  • Residential Loan Document Assistance for the purchase of your primary residence

  • Will Preparation - Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney

  • Speeding Ticket Assistance Upload your speeding ticket from the mobile app directly to law firm

  • IRS Audit Assistance (begins with the tax return due April 15th of the year you enroll)

  • Trial Defense (if named defendant/respondent in a covered civil action suit)

  • Uncontested Divorce, Separation, Adoption and/or Name Change Representation (available 90 days after enrollment)

  • 25% Preferred Member Discount (bankruptcy, criminal charges, DUI, personal injury, etc.)

  • 24/7 Emergency Access for covered situations

  • Now With 3 Bureau Monitoring! Our 1 bureau plan gives you access to credit monitoring from TransUnion, but you can now enjoy expanded coverage with our 3 bureau plan. Financial activity can be found on anyone’s credit report, but not all creditors and businesses report to the same credit bureau. By watching all three major credit bureaus, IDShield’s 3 bureau monitoring eliminates these gaps to provide members with a comprehensive view of their valuable credit standing. Continuous monitoring with instant alerts – that’s the power of 3 bureau monitoring.
  • Auto Monitoring IDShield’s auto-monitoring provides members with monitoring services directly on the effective date of the plan. Using the member’s full Social Security number (SSN), name, address and date of birth provided at time of enrollment, the member’s identity is automatically monitored.
  • Unlimited Consultation You don’t have to have an issue to consult with an identity theft specialist. They are available to advise you on best practices on any identity related issue.
  • Full-Service Restoration We are the only company with Licensed Private Investigators. If compromised, the investigator will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to resolve the issue by working with the appropriate government agencies, financial institutions, credit bureaus and collection agencies.
  • Unlimited Service Guarantee If identity theft happens, we’ll do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes to restore the participant’s identity.
  • Protection Policy With our base 1 bureau monitoring plan, IDShield provides a $25,000 protection policy provided by a leading national carrier. The coverage amount for our premium, 3 bureau plan offers an amazing $1 million protection policy that covers actual costs incurred as a result of identity theft.


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Once you sign up, put your law firm and identity theft protection in the palm of your hand with the LegalShield and IDShield Plus mobile appsOnce you sign up, put your law firm and identity theft protection in the palm of your hand with the LegalShield and IDShield Plus mobile apps1
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1 May take up to 48 hours for app to be activated.

LegalShield legal plans cover the member; member’s spouse; never married dependent children under 26 living at home; dependent children under the age 18 for whom the member is the legal guardian; never married dependent children up to age 26 if a fulltime college student; or physically or mentally disabled dependent children.
IDShield is a product of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. d/b/a LegalShield (“LegalShield”). LegalShield provides access to identity theft protection and restoration services. For complete terms, coverage and conditions, please see IDShield plans are available at individual or family rates. A family rate covers the named member, named member’s spouse and up to 10 dependent children under the age of 18. It also provides consultation and restoration services for dependent children ages 18 to 26. All Licensed Private Investigators are licensed in the state of Oklahoma. A $1 million protection policy is issued through a nationally recognized carrier. LegalShield/IDShield is not an insurance carrier. Certain limitations apply. Dependent children of the named member or named member’s spouse under the age of 23 who permanently live in the same residence as the named member at the time of the stolen identity event are eligible for the protection policy coverage. For a summary description of benefits for the personal identity coverage see


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