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Online Commercial Services
Access your account anytime, from anywhere.

We know how busy you are. Sign up for Red River Credit Union's free, convenient online and mobile services, so you can bank when it's best for you. You'll become more efficient and save money, allowing you to focus on more important things, like growing your business.

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    Online Banking lets you access your accounts and manage your money while you're relaxing at home, traveling on vacation or working at the office. You can connect with your accounts any time, any day, virtually anywhere in the world. There's no waiting for business hours, no standing in line, no need to leave your comfort zone. Online Banking is safe, private, convenient and free for Red River Credit Union members.

    • Download account activity into Quicken® or Microsoft® Money
    • Check Account Balances
    • Transfer funds between your accounts or Member-to-Member (M2M)
    • Perform remote account transfers*
    • Make loan payments
    • Review transaction history
    • View images of cleared checks
    • Set up Alerts and Notifications
    • Mobile Wallet (Apple/Google/Samsung)
    • Sign up for eStatements
    • eSignature** (Remote Signature Approvals)

    *Fee of $2.00 per transfer to an external financial institution. Some restrictions apply to transfer services.

    **Some restrictions apply to eSignature.


    Red River Credit Union makes it easy and convenient for you to stay connected to your money when you aren't connected to your computer. With our Mobile App for the Android and iPhone, you can manage your accounts all for FREE. You can enjoy Mobile Banking from any smart phone by visiting today.

    • Pay bills*
    • Check account balances
    • Review transaction history
    • Make loan payments
    • Deposit checks with DeposZip (Mobile Check Deposit)
      Note: Large volume remote check deposit option is available. 

    *Fee applies to Rush Delivery service.


    Streamline your business account management! Paperless statements are convenient, easy to access, and free. Account information is securely accessible every month, quickly and safely. Eliminate filing hassles and paper pile-ups and keep your business information safe from fraud and identity theft. You can always access your statements Online and save them for future reference.


    Red River Credit Union Online Bill Pay is a free*, convenient and secure way to pay bills. No stamps, nothing to mail and no worries about what date your payment will arrive. You can use Online Bill Pay and pay all your bills in minutes! The best part is, our payment calendar will let you track your payments and generate spending reports for each account.

    *Fee applies to Rush Delivery service.

    Bill Discovery

    It’s simple. Bill Discovery removes the friction and manual process of adding bills to your Online Bill Pay account. Click Here to learn more about how Bill Discovery works.
    It’s smart. After you provide your initial consent, Bill Discovery will identify from our biller network what bills are available for the customer to pay!
    It’s fast. Once you select from recommended bills, payment details are immediately added to your Online Bill Pay account where you can update your payment details at anytime.


    Security Recommendations

    If your mobile device becomes lost or stolen, access your account by logging into online banking using a computer and change your password immediately. You may also contact us during normal business hours at 903-735-3000 to change your password.

    Never store passwords on your smartphone. It's always best to commit these security details to memory and not record them anywhere, this includes applications that remember them automatically.
    Setting up a password to access your smartphone is always recommended to protect your phone if it gets lost or stolen.
    Do not download applications from untrusted sources. Criminals use infected documents and applications to spread their malware and compromise victim's smartphones. Never open an attachment or download an application from a person or website that you don't know or have doubts about.



    Deposit your checks on the go, wherever you go, with RRCU DeposZip Mobile Check Deposit. DeposZip enables members to make deposits by using their supported smartphone or tablet to capture photos of the front and back of a check and submit for deposit.

    This service is available for eligible* RRCU members who are enrolled in Online Banking. Checks can be deposited into your RRCU Checking, Savings, or Money Market account.

    Note: Large volume remote check deposit option is available.

    *Some restrictions and limitations apply. See Terms and Conditions for details.

Checking & Savings Options To Meet Your Financial Needs

Not signed up for Online Banking? CLICK HERE, call us at 903-735-3000 / 800-822-3317, or visit a local branch to get started.

Lending Options To Meet Your Financial Needs

Not signed up for Online Banking? CLICK HERE, call us at 903-735-3000 / 800-822-3317, or visit a local branch to get started.